Market research for Startups and Pop-ups

A clear view on your opportunities

When one plays with the idea to start their own businesses or to launch a product, it is best to first analyze the possibilities and potential. In the current economic context, there isn't much space for business to be left to chance. There is no more time to try and see if something works. Companies need to show profitability as soon as possible.

This is why Day One developed a formula that provides insights into the market, specifically for start-ups and pop-ups, and this within a feasible budget. According to the results entrepreneurs can make decisions about the offer, the implantation, the market approach and the target audience. In addition, this type of research documents their business plans towards banks or potential investors.

Day One exploites all possibilities to examine where opportunities and possible competitive advantage lie in order to start off with a good launch.

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Feasibility of a new specialised retail trade in a given region

Profiling of the target audience for a new fashion brand

Needs analysis in a region at both consumer and professional markets

Interest of certain target groups in a new product or brand

Analysis of the improvement potential on a new concept

Evaluation of names, logos and slogans for a new brand or product

Analysis of the feasibility of new applications in a consumer market

Comparison of different locations towards potential for pop-ups

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