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As a contact point with the customer, the commercial route itself more and more becomes the subject of research. In order to take full advantage of the interaction with clients, visitors and passers-by, research focusses on what consumers need and expect and how a retailer positions in the market. All forms of interaction can be potential points of improvement or differentiation. The retail point itself, the contact with the employees and the offer are examined in order to optimally streamline the purchase process.

Information is required on who the (potential) customers are, what they look for, how to reach them and how to improve sales both on the shop floor and online. Day One has years of experience with research for retailers and e-tailers. Based on the information needed, we propose the optimal research trajectory to affect results in a positive way.

Any decision can be supported in this way, in a quick and budgetary accessible way. This allows for new ideas or concepts to be tested in advance and examined how they contribute or deliver value to specific solutions.

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Usability testing of setups and displays on the shop floor

Analysis of interaction and effectiveness of shop lineups

Concept testing of POS material and product placement

Analysis of market positioning and brand perception among customers of retailers

Research on shopping concepts for repositioning retail chains

Evaluation of the interaction and substantive needs between retail and e-tail

Analysis of barriers and motivators for ordering at online shops

Analysis of customer needs in terms of support to shop staff

Profile comparison of shop visitors with target groups

Competitive analysis of retail concepts within customer and target groups

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