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The possibility to base strategic decisions on sound market information is in professional markets literally of capital importance. Market research often represents only a small investment regarding the return. Concepts can be tested in advance, products may be produced or proposed differently, communication can be improved. This allows budgets to be assigned in a much more effective way.

Decisions are however, also in professional markets, taken by people. Still, there are a number of practical and additional challenges in B2B research:

. Industry-specific terminology, technology or expertise

. Availability and accessibility of the respondents

. Variability of contact persons and decision makers

. Confidentiality and anonymity

This makes for a research firm to appraoch the professional markets differently than the consumer markets. Day One has years of experience in a wide range of industries within B2B research. Based on the information needed, we will propose an optimal and specific research approach, taking account of time, budget and results.

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Potential analysis for industrial applications in the European market

Feasibility studies of new catering concepts for professional markets

Research at doctors and specialists in specific medical situations

Satisfaction surveys in the professional travel market

Needs analysis of product characteristics for new product introductions

Research on visitors of professional fairs and networking events

Evaluation of the presence of own brands in external retail networks

Brand awareness and product image research for B2B markets

Wants and needs analysis of decision makers within project markets

Logo and slogan research within specific industrial niche markets

Insights on thresholds and motivators for participation in sponsor programs

Perception and attitude research to new environmentally friendly applications

Set up of direct communication channels for continuous satisfaction analysis

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