Market Research

A clear view on your markets

A challenging economic context calls for facts-based decision making. Therefore it is necessity to collect these facts at the start of each marketing movement. Market research is the ideal way to obtain a clear view on the situation.

Day One is a market research agency of the new generation. We strive to provide the right answers to the right questions, and this in a quick and budget-effective way. We provide the right information that allows better alligning to the needs of your markets.

By refinement of our methodologies, we succeed in making this accessible for each organization or company. Based on the information needs, the most optimal way of research is designed, always with time, budget and results in mind.

Any decision can be supported and in a quick and budgetary accessible way. This allows to benchmark and test new ideas or concepts in advance and to examine how they contribute and deliver value as a specific solution.

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Needs, expectations and desires within the target groups

Satisfaction and improvement potential of the current range

Awareness, image and competitive position of companies, brands and products

Matching proposition with local and regional markets and audiences

Interest, commitment and intention towards new concepts

Profile analysis of visitors, customers and Potentals

Competitive analysis, market position and opportunities within markets

Concept testing of brands, logos and slogans

Effectiveness and retention of communication and advertising campaigns

Analysis of form, content and medium of communication material

Matching offer to new segments and categories while maintaining current ones

Evaluation and potential of retail concepts with customers and target groups

Social media image, attitude and experiences monitoring

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