Consulting and Advice for Market Research

A clear approach to your market research project

Through years of experience in market and marketing research, Day One is the ideal partner to guide you through your research projects or to give advise about it. This can be at any stage of the research project:

. General design and analysis of information needs

. Preparation of the questionnaires or conversation guidelines

. Methodology for research and data collection

. Analysis, reporting, interpretation and action planning

Day One working with the team members at the client side and advises and accompanies them where necessary in order to optimise the project. This means that we look at minimum investments for optimal results and taking the right decisions.

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Advice on research methodology and means of data collection

Supervision of students' doctoral studies

Advice on the preparation of questionnaires for customer satisfaction

Drawing up specs in request for quotations of large research projects

Interpretation of results according to predefined targets

Big data analysis when merging different data sources

Design of the research project towards actions implementation

Guidance of the development for the perpetual evaluation tool

Development of a multi-platform application for data collection

Hosting and moderating online brainstorming sessions

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