Data Collection and Fieldwork

A clear view on your markets

Day One applies the most effective methods for data collection. We enable all ways and media to ensure an efficient and fast way of data gathering. Depending on the information needs and specific situation decisions will be made on how the data are collected in the market. Day One applies the following methods:

. Face-To-Face interviewing: in-home, at-work, in-street, in-store, in-transport or individual in-depth interviews

. Telephone surveying on both fixed and mobile numbers supplied from our own database, customers' databases or Random Digit Dialing

. Online data collection: consumer or professional online surveys, online panels and brainstorming, social media monitoring

. Group consultation: focus group discussions or panel discussions

. Written surveys: pen-and-paper, employee survey by internal mailing system, via internal mail

. Observation and monitoring: in-home, in-store, in-street, in-transport

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Survey of visitors to shops or shopping centres

Polls with visitors to events

Online logo and slogan test in a specific demographic target group

In-home interviews binnen specifiek gedefinieerde doelgroepen

Telephone querying within hard-to-reach professional target groups

Passers-by interviewing in specific neighborhoods and streets

Face-to-face surveys with travelers on public transport or in flights

Persoonlijk interview tijdens begeleid winkelen doorheen het winkelpunt

Observation of interaction with lineups, displays or shelf layout communication

In-depth calls with older audiences

Mystery shopping in own and competitive shopping points

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