Business to Consumer markets

Clear views on your consumer market opportunities

Entrepreneurs recognize the value of testing decisions to the market in advance of the launch. This allows them to take decisions on a sound information base and with great certainty. Consumer research is hence of great importance and only a small investment compared to the return. It is therefore valuable in every step of the marketing movement:

. Needs analysis within markets

. Competitive analysis

. Concept testing during development

. Profile analysis of target or customer groups

. Market potential of concepts or products

. Communication research, in content, form and media

. Experiences, satisfaction and improvement potential

Day One always applies the most optimal research strategy to collect the information required. All methods and resources can be applied and can very quickly respond to the information need.

When customers only have a few research questions, participating in omnibus research can be an option. Within 3 working days we provide answers to your marketing questions and within your target group.

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Investigate causes of non-competitive changes in sales figures

Measuring the effects of satisfaction-enhancing measures towards customers

Research on search terms and keywords used in online search engines

Evaluation of new concepts of products, logos, or communication/advertising

Analysis of interest and preferences for brand-driven events for youth

Taste testing for food products within specific target groups

Analysis of customer profiles, perceptions and image on the Belgian market

Research on thresholds and motivators for online membership clubs and shops

Evaluation of potential for new products and services in the BeNeLux market

Analysis of conditions for customer loyalty or switching to other suppliers

pre- and post-analysis of effectiveness and retention rate of media campaigns

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