Research for communication and advertising

Clear views on the effectiveness of creativity

Clients demand effective communication. With the objectives in mind, budgets are assigned to the concepts with the best guarantees on results. Therefore, many agencies to acknowledge the necessity and benefits of research:

. As an informative basis for creativity at the start of the campaign development

. As a concept test throughout the development process

. As a support and information source towards the client

. At the point of purchasing media in function of the target groups

This is why Day One developed a quick and budget-effective way to examine markets for agencies. In only a few days time, the necessary information is collected from the market which admits to support and justify the creative process.

Retention rates an brand recognition for TV commercial concepts

Retail concepts and POS material evaluation within prospect and customer groups

Needs and expectations towards new software applications or websites

Evaluation of new concepts for ingredient branding and POS material

Needs analysis of new retail concepts within specific target groups

Analysis of improvement potential, wishes and expectations of the offer

Taste-testing food products within specific target groups

Test screening of new films within certain socio-demographic profiles

Brainstorming within different segments in order to improve customer loyalty

Evaluation of new packaging concepts and brand identities

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