Omnibus Research

Fast and clear answers to your questions

Omnibus research is the best way to quickly collect market information without having to start a complete research project, especially when you have only a few questions to be answered.

Omnibus surveys are composed out of questions from different clients. This way, the fixed costs are spread over different participants and only the specific participation will be charged. Participants only pay a fixed price per type question and the number of respondents they require. This makes research more accessible when only a few items need to be studied.

Because of the weekly data collection, this program already brings answers within a few days, whereby results can be quickly taken into account in the decision-making process. Omnibus research is therefore the best solution when fast answers to only a few questions are required. This is possible without the budget of a complete market research project. Day One organizes omnibus surveys via online, phone or face-to-face consultation.

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Reputation of a brand, product or company name

Perceptions and associations with certain photos, symbols or expressions

Ranking by preference and importance of different options

Intention and potential behavior in certain situations

Polls regarding personal beliefs or preferences

Quick choices between different options

Selection of already purchased or already visited

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