Recruiting for Market Research

A clear selection of your respondents

Day One helps in finding the right respondents for your research project. Based on any specific criteria, the required number of respondents will be delivered :

. Socio-demographic profile (age, gender, region, level of education, family situation, professional status, ...)

. Experiences profiles and opinion (advocates/opponents, long term users, non-users)

. User profiles (buyers/non-buyers, frequency of use, non-users, family users ...)

. Professional profiles (function, experience, industry ...)

. Media profiles (users of different publications, broadcasts, websites, apps ...)

The large Day One respondent base makes very specific selections possible. The selected candidate-respondents are initially contacted to request their cooperation. Upon confirmation, they can be used for research projects (group discussions, in-depth interviews, online research, testing of concepts or products, face-to-face interviewing, etc.)

Market Research

Get the answers to your questions from your markets

Data Collection

Day One collects your research data


Find the right research respondents for your project

Mystery Shopping

Evaluate the customer experience and service level

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Respondents who are very different on one particular criterion

Visitors to a shopping point with specific family situation

People who moved to Europe less than a year ago

Families with a specific preference of holiday destination

Respondents with specific disorders

Panelists from a specific neighborhood that meet additional features

Hobby cooks who purchase a particular brand or products

People who prefer a competitive brand

Decision makers that will soon buy a new car within the same segment

Couples who have never visited a certain place

People from a specific region with the same hobby

Fans of a specific film genre

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