Recruiting for Market Research

A clear selection of your respondents

Day One helps in finding the right respondents for your research project. Based on any specific criteria, the required number of respondents will be delivered :

. Socio-demographic profile (age, gender, region, level of education, family situation, professional status, ...)

. Experiences profiles and opinion (advocates/opponents, long term users, non-users)

. User profiles (buyers/non-buyers, frequency of use, non-users, family users ...)

. Professional profiles (function, experience, industry ...)

. Media profiles (users of different publications, broadcasts, websites, apps ...)

The large Day One respondent base makes very specific selections possible. The selected candidate-respondents are initially contacted to request their cooperation. Upon confirmation, they can be used for research projects (group discussions, in-depth interviews, online research, testing of concepts or products, face-to-face interviewing, etc.)

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Respondents who are very different on one particular criterion

Visitors to a shopping point with specific family situation

People who moved to Europe less than a year ago

Families with a specific preference of holiday destination

Respondents with specific disorders

Panelists from a specific neighborhood that meet additional features

Hobby cooks who purchase a particular brand or products

People who prefer a competitive brand

Decision makers that will soon buy a new car within the same segment

Couples who have never visited a certain place

People from a specific region with the same hobby

Fans of a specific film genre

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