Quantitative Market Research

Clear insights in your markets

Quantitative research methods provide clear insights in the situation in your markets. It gives a profound and real image of the situation and is therefore the best decision making base.

Day One applies quantitative research methods through different means of data gathering:

. telephone interviewing

. personal interviewing / face-to-face

. online surveying

For each project, Day One proposes the optimal survey sample based on the desired reliability and representativeness.

Day One disposes of an own and very extensive consumer panel that can be addressed, even with high specific criteria for inclusion.

Market Research

Get the answers to your questions from your markets

Data Collection

Day One collects your research data


Find the right research respondents for your project

Mystery Shopping

Evaluate the customer experience and service level

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Measuring attitudes within target audiences toward specific products, brands or subjects

Defining knowledge profiles within specific target audiences

Image and perceptions measuring towards a brand

Measuring brand awareness of own and competitive brands

Buying and user profiling within certain regions

campaign retention rate and effectiveness on behavior testing

Measuring of user habits for specific product categories

Evaluation of the potential of new retail concepts

Feasibility testing of a new shop concept within a certain region or neighborhood

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