Mystery Shopping and Mystery Contacting

A clear view on your customer experiences

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are often pursued by defining quality standards at every moment of contact with the customer. These are translated into processes and actions that are applied at each contact point. The extent to which these are actually be carried out can be measured through mystery shopping or mystery contacting.

The information which is extracted helps management to define:

. Training and incentive programs for employees

. Operational and commercial processes within the organization

. Customer orientation of frontline employees

. Quality standards and general objectives for customer satisfaction

These measurements are often supplemented or fed by customer satisfaction surveys. These also allow to measure whether operations are truly contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The contemporary mystery shopper therefore stands in the middle between customers and employees. He/she measures objective criteria established by the organization that are prescribed to improve the customer experience and satisfaction. The combination of the objective mystery shopping with the subjective customer satisfaction will lead to general and specific improvement of results.

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