Research for apps and websites

A clear view on subscribers and visitors

Apps and interactive websites bring much added value for your customers and can be a good way to generate additional revenue streams and customer loyalty.

Therefore, its launch is often approached with great caution. Because usability, functionality and pricing can also backfire, market research is due.

Day One developed a number of research methods especially for apps and websites. These allow you to approach the market for your application or website with great certainty and take decisions on design, functionality, pricing and communication.

Market Research

Get the answers to your questions from your markets

Data Collection

Day One collects your research data


Find the right research respondents for your project

Mystery Shopping

Evaluate the customer experience and service level

Frequently Asked Research Questions :

Feasibility of a new specialised retail trade in a given region

Profiling of the target audience for a new fashion brand

Needs analysis in a region at both consumer and professional markets

Interest of certain target groups in a new product or brand

Analysis of the improvement potential on a new concept

Evaluation of names, logos and slogans for a new brand or product

Analysis of the feasibility of new applications in a consumer market

Comparison of different locations towards potential for pop-ups

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